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 Second Edition - Part1
Welcome to one of the best informative books ever written about jail, its operations and the madness that can occur when housing dangerous prisoners who have committed every crime known to law, that come from all walks of life. This book provides humor and some of the horrid experiences that any jail staff officer should have to encounter, as well as any prisoner incarcerated. This book has strong content and language, the author makes no apologies, for this is what it is really like when serving time in most large jail facilities. Truly hell for most people, and just right for some.
eBook (PDF), 279 Pages
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There are over 100,000 missing person reports daily throughout the United States. This book [Guide] was written to assist law enforcement agencies, search and rescue personnel in training that is necessary and vital for finding lost or missing people. The Oklahoma Marshal's Association provides valuable information about how to find Missing or lost people, points out certain behaviors, and great search techniques. Some tracking skills are implemented here, but that they are limited due to professional training that is required for advanced tracker education. Numerous case studies have been developed for most of this data. This information will be found very useful for all law enforcement agencies and for those wonderful and skilled few who take every opportunity in rescuing people and saving lives.
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